I’m not a misandrist, but MRAs are all slacktivists. If you really want to change things, get out of the house! Found a shelter for male victims of abuse and rape! Rally for a change in military conscription! Don’t just sit on your ass posting on reddit, because you’re not going to accomplish anything.

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I am not a misandrist but white men are cowards. They’re always afraid to make women and people of color protagonists in films and TV shows.

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I’m not a misandrist, but men shouldn’t complain about women being ‘high maintenance’ or ‘gold-diggers’ when men have the higher wages. Why make all of the money if you are going to complain about spending it on the woman who probably takes care of the bills, cooking, cleaning, child care, and/or appointments anyways?

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i’m not a misandrist but wow, i have absolutely had it with my ex thirst following me. i totally get it now why they say to not sleep with your exes even ONCE after breaking up because they’ll stay a stage five clinger for the rest of your days. yikes.

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tw: manslaughter

I’m not misandrist but there’s a reason it’s called manslaughter

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Im not a misandrist but I just don’t think men are bred for combat service. We already know that women are better at communicating and attention to detail and precision. Men would just lumber around and get hurt and jeopardize the safety and efficiency of our troops. I swear im not a misandrist im just thinking out for men!!!

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I’m not a misandrist but it’s pretty obvious that men don’t know how to do anything right.  They say they want to “think for themselves” and “have the right to vote,” so we let them into politics—and just look at the mess they made, the world over.

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I’m not a misandrist, but if men didn’t want to pay for dinner then they shouldn’t make higher wages just because they’re men.

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I’m not a misandrist but men obviously don’t really enjoy sports, or they wouldn’t have to be paid so much to play.

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I’m not a misandrist, but I think that men just don’t belong in the military. They can’t control their libidos enough to stop raping people — even their fellow soldiers — long enough to actually aim their guns and shoot. Such hormone driven individuals cannot be trusted in the front lines of a war.

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